Ginger Gilden,

Senior Designer & VP of Sponsorship, IIDA NY Chapter

NEXT virtual meetings have allowed me to stay connected to manufacturers and be introduced to new and interesting products. Presentations by the manufacturers are informative and are great resources for my projects and clients.

Jackie Wright,


The NEXT virtual meetings have provided a much-needed resource to connect with industry partners during such a challenging year. Through the NEXT platform, I have been able to continue my business development efforts and our team has been able to stay informed of new vendors and products. NEXT has proven to be a valuable industry resource allowing us easy access to fellow colleagues in the hospitality industry.

Alyssa Adinolfi,

Interior Design Manager

Thus far, NEXT has brought some really good vendors to the table. I’m enjoying the format and the fact that my time enables a charitable contribution.

Priscilla Nesbitt,

Purchasing Director NA

I had my first scheduled meeting with #nextvirtualmeetings and it was a great experience. Michael connected with me via zoom to make sure everything was working and then Vern joined us. The quality of the communication was flawless, I appreciated that Vern and I could just concentrate on business and Michel recorded it all for us to follow up on later. It was the next best thing to being there in person. During these “different” times I think this is definitely something that can benefit all of our purchasing and supplier community in connecting regardless of the limitations. Michael thank you for putting this together and I look forward to my next meeting.

Sabina Cantrell

Senior Account Manager

It is an absolute pleasure to be included in NEXT Virtual Meetings. Their suppliers have such insightful presentations! The creative juices are flowing and can’t wait for projects to come up to utilize these exquisite treasures.

Jason Phillips,

VP, Sales & Marketing

Now more than ever we need to engage our customers and prospects and we are in the era of virtual meetings being our only opportunity. We have found the NEXT event format to be hugely beneficial. It is important for vendors like us to adapt quickly to the need to provide professional content to our customers and events like this have forced us to up our “Zoom” game. We have enjoyed our meetings thus far and will continue to participate in as many as we can. Bravo to Michael who is always thinking ahead. With hospitality being such an important part of our business, it is vital we stay in touch with our customers. I can’t wait to continue to grow this segment through new outlets like these virtual one-on-one meetings.

Mitch Parker,


Next Virtual is a great way to get in front and personal with industry execs, especially now when access is limited.

Svenja Fromm

Manager Business Development Trevira CS

NEXT Events stepped up and offered a virtual meeting platform to bring specifiers and suppliers within the hospitality and contract market together, in a time when traveling and physical meetings came to a halt. Our virtual meetings, however, offered a fantastic opportunity to connect us to an important audience regardless of our limitations. The meetings have allowed easy, cost efficient, and value-added opportunities to present our brands and learn about the needs of the buyers and the industry.

Bruce McClure,

Senior Manager Interior Design

NEXT Virtual is a creative way to connect industry professionals and allow the world to keep turning. With there being so many unknowns today it has been refreshing to focus on these one to one meetings, connect and be educated about products and services. While a face to face meeting is ideal this could be a great platform in the future to connect professionals, find solutions and spur creativity with only a commitment of thirty minutes. Who does not have thirty minutes to share?

Image by PWP Studio

Puneet Bhasin,


I wanted to thank you for coordinating the meetings yesterday. Our team really enjoyed the conversation with the potential clients, and feel this is certainly how the relationships with prospects will be created in the future. The process was seamless and was done without the hassle of traveling for both our team and the client. Thank you so much for always thinking 2 steps ahead and being innovative.

Lesley Hughes Wyman,


With varying travel situations today, participating in NEXT Virtual Meetings is a great way to have focused, tailored time to meet with new vendors and learn about their product in a low-pressure and casual mode. It can also be a productive way to bring up specific projects, start generating ideas together, and finding a solution with this one-on-one time.

Mandy Li,


Thank you for inviting me to participate in the NEXT virtual meeting yesterday. It’s a great platform to connect industry members, while promoting a good cause for the industry through COVID-19 Cares fund.

We had a great experience with the virtual Zoom meeting with the client. Not being able to currently travel, the opportunity to meet clients via NEXT to stay connected is key to our mutual success. We are also honored to be a part of Hospitality Cares.