What if I am not familiar or comfortable with Zoom?

We are happy to train you on using Zoom! Contact or +1 212-404-6936 x1 for more information.

How does the scheduling of the meetings work?

For Sellers, we will schedule your meetings with different buyers either on the same day (depending on buyers’ schedules) or break them up over several days.  

For Buyers, we will schedule the meeting(s) when you are selected by a seller based on the availibility you put in your application.

Will you help facilitate the meetings?

Absolutely! We can remain on video with the mic muted or completely disappear while still monitoring in the background should you run into any trouble.

Can my colleagues join the meetings?

You are welcome (and encouraged) to invite colleagues to join the meetings.

Will the meetings be recorded?

Yes, we record all meetings for transcription, sales training and improvement. These recordings are not published/public and you can opt out at anytime.

How do I contact the attendees after the meetings?

We will exchange contact information after the meeting in an email.

For sellers, do you have any tips for presenting?

Since you only have 30 minutes for the meetings, we suggest the following structure:

  • Begin by getting to know your buyer.  Check in and ask how they are doing? Learn about them, their family, their city, interests, etc.
  • Keep the presentation brief with an onscreen demo or sharing your screen.
  • Leave time at the end of your presentation for Q&A
  • Ask if they have any criteria for considering new resources?
  • Ask if they would like any samples to be sent to them?
  • Ask how and when they prefer to be followed up with?


For sellers, can we send the buyers any information prior to the meeting?

Absolutely! We can facilitate this through email or if you have any samples you want to send through the mail we can get contact info prior to the meeting.

For sellers, how much do the meetings cost? When is payment due?

To start, you must buy a package of 4 meetings for $1,595.  Payment is due upfront, upon invoice prior to the scheduled meetings.

For sellers, once I pay and select my meetings then what happens?

We will send you a meeting request with the buyers you selected which will include the Zoom link and password.

If you want to send any information (e.g. PDFs, samples, etc.) to the buyers before the meeting, we can facilitate the exchange.

For buyers, once I sign up what happens?

If you are selected by a seller, we will send you a meeting request which will include the Zoom link and password.

For buyers, how much are we paid? How and when will we be paid?

Buyers are paid $50 per meeting upon completion or you can donate to a charity of your choice.  We can pay via electronic payment (zelle, paypal, venmo etc).